Horse racing – Cheltenham

Hi all,
This week is ‘race week’ at our local racecourse, its a really popular event and lots of people attend the first day saw excess of over 70000 people. I wanted to do a daily update but I kind of got lost in the weeks festivities. This  is one of the main racing events in the UK. The best thing about this week is the atmosphere. All the Irish come over because its their horses that race here too, everyone is mainly happy and drunk during races. Its the peak event for all trainers and jockeys everywhere with everything leading up to Fridays main race- the gold cup.
Day 1
Today was a disappointment for myself. The ground was good to soft and it was a good dry day the weather held out all day. The horses that were meant to win didn’t  (the favourites), but that’s the joy of racing .For my it was a bad day as I only came out £20 up but at least there weren’t as many injuries.
My top picks of the day
Un temps pour tout -9/1- Came 1st – this has been popular before so I thought I would back him again.
Altior – 1/4 –  Came 1st – this was the only favourite that came 1st today, others that came first weren’t the most favoured.
Apples Jade -7/2- Came 1st – new horse to me haven’t heard of this one before but I will be backing again in future.
Melon -3/1- Placed 2nd – fave horse and the fave jockey, sadly it wasn’t ruby Walsh’s day today, still a good result though – unless you didn’t go each way.
Day 2
Today was a beautiful day the sun was shinning and the weather was great. Sadly it wasn’t a day for the faves again. Some placed and did ok but only 1 favourite out of 7 races came in. This is really does show that its anyone’s game. Two years ago I remember there being 3 jockeys that dominated the festival, this time around is great to see some old jockeys and new making there headway at Cheltenham.
My top picks of the day
Neon Wolf – 2/1 – Placed 2nd – right up until the end, neon was looking very strong, however on the last hurdle he did falter, he recovered so well and came second on a photo finish.
Whisper – 9/2 – Placed 2nd – This horse has a popular trainer and I hadn’t heard of the favourite on this race before. although  the fave did win it was again a very close 2nd for whisper.
Special Tiara – 20/1 – Came 1st – this was a turn for the books I picked this based on my sister in law, her names Tara and she picks this every year and every year he’s come in the to  3. was extremely pleased with this win but cold kick myself for not putting more on.
Day 3
I cant yet give my summary of today, however the weather isn’t looking good its very overcast. However different horses like different ground and conditions so we shall see what happens from there.
My top picks of the day –
Flying angel – 16/1 – I like the jockey for this horse and the name seems significant to me.
unowhatimeanharry – 11/8 – the fave for the day, although this horse is looking strong if the last two days are anything to go by there may be not be as good a chance as it seems
Doctor Harper – 11/1 – this is my horse for the last race of the day, I think hes done well in previous years so I thought why not.
isleofhopendreams – 12/1 – again a well favoured jockey and so far this week he hasn’t had much luck.
I will update my selections later and see who comes in today- to all fellow horse racing lovers out there … Good Luck
Thanks for reading
T x


Hair braids 

Hi all!

Today I tried to braid hair for the first time, I must admit it doesn’t actually look too bad from a distance. However given that I didn’t actually have a choice no to heomention me separate nor did we intend to do the whole head.

I believe I do my French plaits backwards, I’m not sure how or why, when I did it smaller it did actually work better than expected. I thought it would be fiddly but it’s not, as long as they sit still !

I used some plastics bands to tie the plaits. She was very pleased that they were all pink.She looked at them from different angles before declaring she loved it!

This is far from professional and took me longer than no 15mins in total. But it does I’ll be great when it’s not and to keep her hair out of her face when it’s hot!

This is just another casual Sunday that really does make my week!

T x

Streets of darkness

Hi all,

I wanted to share with you my latest read. At our local Tesco they have been doing a book deal with the newspaper. If you buy the sun you get a book for just £2! I much prefer an actual Book to a kindle alternative, this is a great way to grow my collection.

‘The sky over Bradford is heavy with foreboding. It always is. But this morning it has reason to be – this morning a body has been found. And it’s not just any body.

Detective Harry Virdee should be at home with his wife. Impending fatherhood should be all he can think about but he’s been suspended from work just as the biggest case of the year lands on what would have been his desk. He can’t keep himself away.
Determined to restore his reputation, Harry is obliged to take to the shadows in search of notorious ex-convict and prime suspect, Lucas Dwight. But as the motivations of the murder threaten to tip an already unstable city into riotous anarchy, Harry finds his preconceptions turned on their head as he discovers what it’s like to be on the other side of the law…’
Firstly I really enjoyed this book in the end and can’t wait for the second book to arrive. Harry Virdee is a detective inspector who has recently been suspended from work. Harry was suspended as he assaulted another man, Pradeep. Pradeep doesn’t agree with Harry’s choices to marry a Muslim lady, Saima.

Harry and Saima are very happy together even if it is jut the two of them. They have both been disowned by there families for wanting to be together, but there love for each other was always stronger. Now married and expecting their first baby together, things should be good for them. However Harry’s potential job loss weighs on them both.

Harry is given the opportunity to save his job by finding the EX- leader of the BNP, Lucas Dwight- who has just been released from prison. Lucas is the suspect for the city’s most recent murder. However when Harry starts to believe that Lucas didn’t actually commit the crime, the pair work together to try and solve the case and regain Lucas’s freedom.

Harry and Lucas have to work through many issues to help get to the bottom of the case. Things take a turn for the worst after Harry’s wife, Saima, disappears from their home. With Saima due to go into labour any minute, a Harry does everything he can to ensure he can find her safely. However sometimes you have to cross the wrong side of the law to get things like this done.

Just how far will Harry go?

Will Saima have her baby?

Did Lucas really kill anyone?

There are so many questions you may have for this book, without ruining the end, things just aren’t always as they seem. And it’s a very small world in the end.

If you like fast paced, gripping books then this is definitely one for you! It also explores the divide between religions that I myself didn’t really understand st the beginning.

Hope you enjoyed this review. I recommend this to anyone.

Thanks for reading

T x

I feel flooded 

I feel flooded Like its too much for me right now . I would love to do that, to have that store that opportunity but now? Right now I want to have a baby and complete my family. It’s just the missing part of our puzzle, I would love that chance but the actual how to run it scares me, I don’t know how to pay people, what things I need to start, I just know how to make it look good and know what to sell the ideas, but actually materialising it. I’m not actually sure I can do that. What if I get it wrong, who do I turn to if I get stuck, who will bail me out. It’s nice in a dream to see what it’s like but in reality it scared the hell out of me. Why now? Now that I’m settled again, to a point, I can handle things for now. But I want to stay strong for my family I could have, im scared I can’t do the two, we have our house our home and I don’t want to leave it. I just don’t know what to do….

4 weeks today! 

Hi all

It has been 4 weeks today since I have become a non- smoker.

I was truely sceptical about whether hypnotherapy would work . I can now confirm that it really does work! I didn’t think I was strong enough to give up myself, yet I knew I needed to because of the up coming ivf! And that’s a better reason than any for me.

Having hypnotherapy really worked, I remember the things sarah (the hypnotherapist) worked on my future plans for a baby, she taught me I was preparing my body for my baby. I can still vauguely remember the things she said but I know they are still in my subconscious.

For anyone looking to give up smoking I would recommend this if you feel you can’t do it yourself. Looking back now I know I probably could have given up after our initial chat consultation. After one session I am now proud to say it has been 4 weeks since I have become a non- smoker again! And I couldn’t feel better!

Thanks for reading

T x

Mini egg cheesecake to beginners 

Hi all,

I must admit I’m not known for my culinary skills, but this is my first cheese cake and it was seriously easy to make!!

What you’ll need 

-300g Milk chocolate digestives
-125 g of Butter – Melted
-750g of cream cheese such as Philadelphia.normal supermarket brands do still work.
-100g of icing sugar.
-2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (vanilla bean extract does give a bit more flavour)
-300ml of extra thick or double cream.
– 2 bags of chopped mini eggs.

1) I put the biscuits into a food bag and then crushed them with a rolling pin. Try to separate them as much as you can for a better base.

2) Melt the butter until runny, then pour over the biscuits. Mix them until they start to stick together.(I used a foil dish as above ,just because it was easier.) When all of the biscuits are covered put them into a dish or bowl that you plan on using to chill the cheesecake after.

3) When your base is flattened into the tin pop it into the fridge to chill.

4) To prepare your cheesecake filling, simply mix all of the above together, I started with the cream cheese and icing sugar first. I did use a mixer for this then added the mini eggs (this can make your mixer sound like it’s going to break due to the noise).

5) I then added the extra cream but mixed this in by hand. When the mixture is thick and starting to hold, remove base from the fridge and cover with the mixture.

4) I simply sprinkled hot chocolate on the top for a quick dusty chocolate look, then used mini eggs to decorate.

This is a recipe I found on another site but ammended. I made this with my step daughter on Thursday and it’s become a bit of a routine to cook or do arts and crafts every Thursday!

So for anyone who hasn’t made a cheese cake before or wants an easy recipe to do with children…this is the one for you!!

If you do have any questions do feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading
T x

Baby doll. 

Hey Guys
Today I have finished reading Baby Doll by Hollie Overton. Below is the blurb from the back of the book.

You’ve been hold captive in one room.
You’ve been mentally and physically abused every day since you were sixteen years old.
Then, one night, you realise your captor has left the door to your cell unlocked.
For the first time in eight years you’re free.
This is what happens next.
I started reading baby doll a few days ago and have just finished. I enjoyed this book for many different reasons. One of the main reasons I like was about the twins and bond they have always shared and there story. This is something I wasn’t expected because there were no tell tale signs that anyone else would be involved apart from the victim and her captor.
Lily and Abby have always had a close bond until one day it all changes, what starts as an argument over a jumper ends up being Lily’s last day with her family for 8 years. In this time lily has been raped and abused by the man who took her. He also impregnanted her as well and she had sky as a result of that pregnancy.
I love that sky gave lily a reason. In real life sometimes people don’t keep the baby because of the reminder. The fact that Lily had no other choice is one thing, yet she choose to protect her child at all costs ever if it meant she was hurt in the crossfire.
The best thing that happened to Lily and Sky originally was when rick didn’t lock the door. This is where the girls journey really starts. Things happen for a reason and Rick leaving that door unlocked was a mistake, but Lily’s bravery to go through the door and not come back really took balls. She did what she had to do for her child.
After their escape things are plain sailing, Sky is now in a totally new environment and she has never been outside before so it takes her a little longer to adjust. Lily is the same and also struggles with her release. However she’s determined to make Rick be known to all so he gets locked away for his crimes.
Rick is caught and within no time other girls are discovered two, sadly one has passed and the other is very injured. This just makes the media turn crazy and they all campbup outside taking away the privacy. Lily and sky are trying to adapt to life outside the basement and it seems they are always faced with new challenges.
Abby is Lily’s older twin sister, by 6 minutes, and she’s had her own struggles since lily going missing as well, she’s battened drugs and addiction and hasn’t really let anyone get close enough in fear of hurting them. Part of Abby blames her self for what happened to Lily so vows to make it up to her.
Lily, Abby, Sky and Eve( the twins mum) help each other through the after math of Lily’s disappearance. They help each other through the many challenges they face together.
Without giving too much away in the end I believe justice is done for Rick, he may have thought abou going on the run but that didn’t quite become the reality. I would recommend this as a good book, very gripping. There aren’t too many twists and turns and it makes pretty easy reading.
Thanks for reading
T x

My choice

Hey All,
I was just about to rant because my angers so built up, but just as I was about to send I decided to stop. Not because I didn’t want to rant because I really do and there is somethings that frustrate me so much because I don’t understand why things happen. I wonder what makes people to decide to make the decisions they do.
Be this a simple do I wear this do I not? Do I eat that or not? What ever that decision it maybe, there are always these questions where ever we go. I just wonder sometimes if people ever stop and think ‘ how would this make them feel’ or ‘I wonder why not everyone is involved’. More so the first one the second is more my current situation.
Today it was my granddads birthday so we all went to my aunt’s house and had a Christmas dinner, which was really, really good. My brother was late to the meal as he had been out in London the night before. Normally I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at this but he had been up there with my dad, step mum and step sister. The other side of the family. Basically the whole family not me.
They said they went halves on tickets for a meal at a posh restaurant. My issue is that when they decided to show what a fantastic family they all were all over social media, did they think of me being at home seeing it and thinking ‘why aren’t I involved. ‘or ‘Why wasn’t I offered to do something like this.’ I even had the weekend off.
However although that was my initial thought, when I actually thought about it,  I have always felt some what a second class citizen. I’m not as la-de-da as them because I know where I came from and who I am. That side of my family are the ‘posh’ side, not that its all been earn entirely  honestly but hey I know that so you cant tell me I don’t try enough. At least I’m honest with what Ive got, and I achieved it myself.
So the choice is…  I can let myself get ate up by not being included
accept that I’m just not like them anyway.
Would I rather be myself, true to my values and have earned the little  I do have. Or  not know what it to have a family who truly look up to you and can share anything with you. Unfortunately my other half of the family or more money orientated. The rest of us on the second side are much more happy and content. We can tell each other what we want and most importantly not be judged for what we have or who we are.

ps. Family portraits by pink used to be a great song for a shitty family