You can call your brothers

You can call your whore

You’re the mug banging on my door

You can scream and shout

You can let it all out

But I won’t let you in

I won’t let you win.

So leave me now

Like you left before

We know that’s all your good for

So we will call it day

As it turns in to night

This time my friend, you’ll remember as the battle you didn’t fight…


Reasons Why I Miss You. To My Best Friend Always.

I miss you just because,
It’s quieter than it should be,

I miss you just because,
There’s a hole where you used to be,

I miss you just because,
Your stories kept us near,

I miss you just because,
I can’t tell anyone my fear,

I miss you just because,
I don’t understand why you had to go,

I miss you just because,
Now you may never know,

I miss you just because,
You were the best person to me,

I miss you just because,
I could see what you couldn’t see,

I miss you just because,
I wanted to help you grow,

I miss you just because,
My love for you I didn’t show,

So you now you exploring a new,
Please just know a part of me is with you,
I hope and pray that your all okay,
My thoughts of you will always stay.

Until you 

She’s got herself lost

Tied up in the mess

Couldn’t see clearly

Until the light came thorough

It was in that moment

She realised

She didn’t need you.

She left him there

Where he always left her

Waiting around

Head banging the wall,

Her courage got her there

To where she should be

She was happy again

Just like you or me

Then she met the new one

She would love him too

the baggage was there

But she said it didn’t matter

Not to me or you.

Maybe she should let it go,
Forget it ever happened,

maybe she should fight

For him.

In hope that this time its right


why do you seem hate me 

And make me feel so low 

When every words a negative 

It’s Another hurtful blow 
I love you so much 

For all that you used to do 

But why is it suddenly 

That I mean nothing to you 
You used to tell me it would be ok 

And always hold me tight 

Now it’s never me and you 

I miss our cuddles at night 
It’s like you’ve just switched off 

And turned you back on me 

What happened to that time 

When we were so happy 
I wish we could go back 

To the love of another time 

I long to hold you in my arms 

And you’ll be back to being mine 


Hi all
What was a dream it was my fantasy,
for a minute I believed I could be what I wanted to be,
but you put an end to it and I started again,
held my head high didn’t tell a friend.
I got lost in you in your hopes and wishes too,
I believed that I could be just like you,
But I have my routine and I’m settled in,
now I’m not sure – don’t know where to begin.
I want to start fresh and go somewhere new
I know when I get there I wouldn’t know what to do,
I’ve got what I wanted from the start,
but there’s still a empty gap – a space in my heart,
I wish there was more and I could break away,
what I thought was my home is not where I want to stay.
I can be what I want to be but if I did who would want to listen to me,
so I’ll carry on in this empty space,
until I can find my own saving grace
I wrote this when there was a piece of the puzzle missing that I just couldn’t figure out.
I know now I had it all along and just didn’t see it, still sometimes we think of moving away and starting again, with ties its just not that easy. But there’s no hurry, I genuinely somehow believe that if its meant to be, it will happen. I know we are ‘meant to be’ of course more than anything in my life, but which path we take will be down to fate.
Thanks for reading
T x

The Third Time Lucky

Hi all,
This is another oldie that I wrote a while back. I’m truly grateful for what I have now for me it really was third time lucky. I don’t regret anything from the past that’s taught me a lesson. Its got me where I am today and made me who I am for which I am so very content with right now.
Thanks for reading
T x
So I stopped the pain
The only emotion I could feel
And looked a little deeper
At my feelings that were real

I began to move on as best I could
I’d pushed them aside like they weren’t there
I Buried them deep down
When I really did care

I tried to find a way out
And rediscover me
But whenever someone came close
My heart told me to flee

I built my walls so high
It looked like I couldn’t get out
Every time Id get close
My head would remind me of my doubt

But then a found something new
I felt completely different inside
The pain that I had once felt
Finally began to subside

Thank you for showing me right from wrong
Stopped me from listening to that sad love song
When I lost my way you found me in the dark
Showed me the light Gave me a new start

And now I’ll always be grateful
For all the little things you do
Sometimes I may not seem a lot
But it’s the little things that show I love you

The Long Wait

I long for you to come home
For you to touch me like you said
I need to feel you beside me
Then we can go back to bed

The thought of you around me
Leaves me wanting more
I’ll be here where you left me
Until you come through my door

A single night of passion
And maybe something new
You keep me longing for more
And stopped me feeling blue

Digging in my fingers
Because the feeling was so raw
You took me to the bedroom
And we began to explore

The passion just exploded
You held me so tight
You stayed with me and loved me
All the way through the night

Now I’ve got you back
I don’t ever want to let go
I can’t help this feeling
I need it more than you could know

Thanks for Reading

T x

Falling in love again 

Its amazing how when 

You have time together 

Just in each other’s company  

You find yourself falling in love 

All over again

Being content like this 

Is more than I could dream 

I’m grateful for everyday 

That I spend with 

My beautiful husband to be 

All Welcome

An extra one for dinner
is never a worry
its our pleasure
Even if your in a hurry
If your to tired
rest your head
we’ve always got
an extra bed
so take a seat
and forget it all
for this is our safe place
our crazy little ball