I’m sorry it’s been a while! 

Hi all

I haven’t wrote in a while, and now I’m feeling guilty, I should have let myself have that time each day to express how I feel. I think if I don’t then it can sometimes life just takes over! However I don’t want to loose myself in myself. Tomrrow is a new day and my aunt is over from Hong Kong so I’m sure there will be plenty to write about after that visit. I will start trying more to keep my blog alive. I love reading other people but sometimes can’t find the words for my own. If only the inside of my head always a dictaphone! Although I’m sure some of it needs to stay there. Anyway. I’m off for now until tomrrow

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4 weeks today! 

Hi all

It has been 4 weeks today since I have become a non- smoker.

I was truely sceptical about whether hypnotherapy would work . I can now confirm that it really does work! I didn’t think I was strong enough to give up myself, yet I knew I needed to because of the up coming ivf! And that’s a better reason than any for me.

Having hypnotherapy really worked, I remember the things sarah (the hypnotherapist) worked on my future plans for a baby, she taught me I was preparing my body for my baby. I can still vauguely remember the things she said but I know they are still in my subconscious.

For anyone looking to give up smoking I would recommend this if you feel you can’t do it yourself. Looking back now I know I probably could have given up after our initial chat consultation. After one session I am now proud to say it has been 4 weeks since I have become a non- smoker again! And I couldn’t feel better!

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T x

My Smoking Hypnotherapy Journey..

Good Afternoon My Beautiful Bloggers!

I started to say yesterday about stopping smoking but unfortunately couldn’t expand much and share as much as I wanted to, so I’m catching up now instead. I had been smoking for 14years and I needed to give up for one main reason . IVF. I mean sure there are other reasons as well –  less breathless, better health , less smelly, better fitness, less cost, better concentration – The list is endless.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see these reasons as anything at the time. Smoking has never really concerned me as such, I had the attitude sure smoking could kill me but I could step in front of a bus tomorrow … Would it be the Bus or the Smoking that killed me?? – Silly I know in the grander scheme of things.  I know now that I just didn’t want give up something I thought I was in control of.

Smoking gave me that 5 minutes outside at work when everyone else is having a bad day I could just go out side breathe and start again. Smoking was something that even if my parents didn’t want me to do it, they couldn’t ever actually stop me once I was old enough. Smoking was my choice it was something that I did when I wanted. But as time went on the habit just stuck, it didn’t go away and it became a bad part of me.

I was in such a routine it became just an everyday necessity, every hour or so…fag, somebody upset at work and they smoke…Fag. It just happened. So I went to see a hypnotherapist who helped and guided me through. Its really difficult to explain what happened in some ways because I’m not sure. But I can say. I am now a non smoker because I just don’t smoke anymore.

I had emailed Sarah several times over December and I kept almost chickening out. Then finally we agreed on 2nd February. We had a conversation on the phone to discuss why I wanted to give up, Did I have something to gain from giving up and many other questions around this, other questions were also just around me and what I do on a daily basis. Sarah said that it was a great motivation to want to give up for the IVF because I have something to gain from not smoking, a Baby. She also said that previously, a few people who has struggled, as they felt they were giving up this habit and getting nothing in return, so they feel a sense of loss. Which I can totally see now, as well as the fact that smoking is not actually addictive – The nicotine companies are literally just having a laugh at us.

I did take in everything that Sarah told me and although it made sense what was being said I also thought surely this cant just change things, just like that?! So we moved on to the actual hypnotherapy. I lead down on the sofa chair in the beautiful, calming office surroundings. The problem was the light and my already existing headache! So I tried to ignore it and pretend there was nothing there and tried my best to relax, I think to some extent I could but I couldn’t fully switch off. I was so scared that it wasn’t going to work because I wasn’t relaxed, we did turn the light off after though and then I felt I could genuinely start to relax more.

It must have done its job somewhere along the line though, because so far so good. I just don’t smoke anymore. I found coming round from the therapy really easy, Sarah said a lot of people have a lot of different experiences, some feel like they’re floating others feel like there sinking, yet I just lead there normally just a bit relaxed and yet it seems to work. I believe hypnotherapy has genuinely helped me.

In some senses I really don’t want to smoke at all, but sometimes I do think about it still. Again though its the same thing I guess, if I don’t think about it, its not there. I still struggle and especially first thing in the morning but its not been long so I’m still really pleased with the results. I can’t quite get my head around the fact for 14 years I’ve done something every hour of the day for this long and now, I just don’t need it. I just don’t smoke anymore. This did come at a price but I think so far for me I think its been worth it. £175.

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T x

Mango Green Tea 

Hi all

I’m a huge coffee person and just can’t function without one in the morning! Although that’s not where it stops, one to wake you up- sure no problem. 8 a day with 2 sugars…yeah I may need to stop that! So I’ve decided to try green tea with mango and passion fruit. I’ve been going almost a week now and I must say I don’t feel too caffeine lacking! I still take one sugar with it as it tastes to bitter for me otherwise. Definitely a caffeine cut down! Would definitely recommend this one below to anyone who’s new to fruit teas and even if your not…it’s good tea, I have also tried one with added b6- blackcurrent and pomegranate (I think) I personally didn’t like this that much but my partner does so it’s easy- just buy a pack of each .

Anyone else know of and decent green teas?

What do you recommend?

Thanks for reading

T x

My Gorgeous Boys

As I’ve been unwell recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time with two of my favourite boys. I have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Alfie who is 4 and pure white and Hugo who is almost 3 is a light brown colour. They are both just so loving its unreal.  Having time to spend with them is so nice for me, for them it means they are allowed to stay in bed for longer!
As I’ve watched them these past few weeks, I have noticed how they are with each other and how they both are in general.
Alfie aka Alfred- Freddie- Fred-Alfido-White boy-Alfinus, is the pure white staff. This is not good come summer time it  means the sun cream has to come out or he turns pink and its not very subtle either! He is a subtly stroppy pup, kind of high maintenance, he is like his daddy (my other half).He likes this his own way and lets you know when he wants something. He hates getting up early and refuses to get out of bed.
He’s the exact same in the evening at around 21:30 Alfie will sit next to the front room door and make groaning noises like he’s talking to you until you let him up to bed, which we do, only for two minutes later Alfie him to plod back down wanting to come back in in case he’s missing something. He’s also a very  jealous boy around Daddy too. He demands all of his attention all the time, when dads back from work he’s just super excited he jumps straight from the floor into his arms the second he’s through the door.
When he was younger he used to go to work with daddy in the van when he was self employed, however a change in circumstances meant this couldn’t happen anymore, now he suffers from separation anxiety – which basically means if we are going to work or going out or have to put him in his bed in the outhouse he will point blank refuse to eat and drink. He’s like no way… I’m letting you feel guilty for leaving me. The second we get back he will eat it all, unlike his brother – Hugo who isn’t phased at all.
Hugo Aka Huge – Waygo – Hugo woo go woo- Hugie – is my brown boy. He’s such a lovable rogue he just wants to have cuddles and kisses all the time, he’s more chilled out than Alfie yet tends to look to Alfie for advice sometimes. He loves his big brother a lot and you can see this in the little ways they look after each other and play together, their fave game together is to run around wild on the trampoline. Hugo tends  to let Alf win unless he’s been really been trying to dominate too much.
Hugo tends to be a lot more like me in ways. I’m definitely his master and I cant explain how good that feels, to have this beautiful little boy look up to and listen to his mum is amazing, he tends to not do this with dad. He’s more soft and snuggly with me and will happily lie by me for hours if he could. He likes to take care of himself is constantly grooming himself, I put this down to living with 4 cats too. He’s friends with all the cats as well where as Alfie tends to treat them more as an inconvenience, Hugo will play with them for as long as they will.
Hugo’s so happy with just a sock its unreal. Every time we get the washing out he’s praying we have dropped one on the way, its funny though because when he comes in from the outhouse while we’ve been at work, he will bark at me in a telling off way. The second you give him a sock or a puppy towel he’s quite and just wiggles a lot to let you know he’s happy now.
Together they are each others best friends- No matter whose more like who or who they listen to or don’t, At the end of the day they are both a huge part of our lives and our family. I didn’t have pets when I was younger and I didn’t actually understand how people could get so upset about and animal passing. I cant believe how wrong I was, I strongly believe if I didn’t have the love and affection of my boys right now I probably wouldn’t be half as far as I am now. This is why I just wanted to share what I was thinking about them.
They are Different but the same, They are Our Flurry img_6488