Cross Her Heart by -Sarah Pinborough Review

‘I don’t think I’ve read a book this quickly in a while, hooked from the beginning – not all is as it seems and this book is full of twisted revelations even down to the epilogue’
People say don’t judge a book by its cover, but 9/10 time I do this – not by the pictures but by the reviews from other authors. One of the reviews said ‘addictive’ I must say this did not disappoint!

This is a well written novel which is twisted and keeps you guessing from the moment you start reading. What was in my head the whole time was a part from the blurb ‘When you think you’ve guessed the twist…YOU HAVEN’T’ the whole time I kept an open mind thinks my it’s not what I think is and to some effect this was true.
The short chapters are easy to read and I love it when books allow you to feel and hear from different characters, not just the one the story revolves around.
Highly recommend this book will be looking out for future books by Sarah
Thanks for reading
T x

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