When they tell you no appointments for three week and I say I couldn’t be dead by then they suddenly find appointments


Another one to soon

Hi all
I feel the need to write today because of something in the press and it made me think. A young man had taken his own life which can only mean he felt he couldn’t continue anymore. A lot of people envied him, he was a good guy suffering from grief and god knows what else. We all have our demons.
A lot of Please say why don’t you speak to someone? Friends social media were flooding in- I’m sorry I didn’t do enough- you could always talk to me- it’s the tv shows fault- the list goes on.
Truth is sometime even in a world full of people you don’t know who you can truly talk to. This guy was one of them.
Other comments said about how they didn’t understand how or why he would dream of doing this. But I feel I do get it.
Sometimes I’ve been in low places and my moods frequently change. I’ve been there when I wanted to talk and didn’t know where to go, I needed to get it out, to tell someone but I couldn’t find the words to speak to those closest to me. It’s easier said than done when your not in your normal mind because you just feel low.
I googled if there were text services just to too if I could find a way to let it out without speaking about it. But these are for under 25’s and I’m just over. Where do you do when you get to that place??
It’s always easy for people to say things after the things have gone to far but why can’t they just be there in the first place. When I can’t speak or somethings on my mind I come here. Albeit not as often as I should, it gives me the release to know I’ve let part of how I’m feeling out.
Anyone else face these barriers? Maybe it could help you to, there’s others worse off than me and I’m sure others also a lot better – I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who gets how someone may have felt when they committed suicide. I find it hard to see how others can’t understand what would make someone feel that low I guess.
Everyone tries to be a hero when it’s already to late. I’m thinking of that poor guy and sending my thoughts to his friend and family. Sometimes it’s the end before your time. Some aren’t afraid of dying because they already know they will be the ones responsible.
Thanks for reading
T x