Is it Endo or is it me?!

Hi all
I know my posts are a tad sporadic, but when something’s hacked me off I feel the need to share .I’m sure this happens to many women with endometriosis and those who may yet to be diagnosed.
I had to have my annual meds review at the doctors today and I never really know what to expect. I Always think they are doing to stop my medication and leave me with nothing.
This wasn’t quite the case, I did get new medication but I don’t feel this guy understood it….which is why I have questioned is it me.
He started by asking me why I was there, which always baffles me because I have to be there to have the med review otherwise I wouldn’t need to see them if I could repeat. Especially in there because they said I had to be.
I started by saying I take my codine, pill and naproxen as and when needed but someday it still doesn’t help. I said how even after washing Up or standing for a period of time, the pressure on my lower back and tops of my shoulders is agony. My lower back is the worst, after a day at work I ache the most and then can’t sleep. I told him that I get wound up and hormonal which causes the pain to get worse and I shouldn’t if my pill controls that. I said how some days I get so low and worn out with it through not sleeping that I just wish I wasn’t there at all. He dismissed this.
He has suggested I try new pain killers and has yet again referred me to physiotherapy and exercises. I have done this years ago and I don’t think there will be any benefit to it whatsoever. It just seems like a never ending cycle of changing medication for no reason and failing to address the potential problem.
He told me from what your saying I think you shouldn’t blame it on your endometriosis, as if I was making it seem worse because of what I have. The problem with an invisible disease is that just because you cant see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
So I’m left just feeling deflated again wondering if it’s me and I’m doing something wrong or if it is all linked. I just think if the exercises and tips didn’t work last time, why are they going to now.
Anyone else got shitty doctors or problems like that that can relate…I feel you
Thanks for reading
T x