People not numbers- The joys of Endometriosis

Hi All,
This is one that medically only women can relate to the pain and discomfort caused by this invisible disease, I suspect a lot of men also have to watch their girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters and other ladies in their life go through this too. So here it goes….
Ever go to the doctors looking for help get absolutely no where and think… why do I even bother!
Some of you may know from my previous posts that I suffer with a condition called endometriosis. It’s just one of those that’s a constant niggling.
I’m not one to continually moan about it I just take pain relief and carry on however sometimes it can take it’s toll. So when the person who you are allowed to moan to about is disconcerted where do you go from there?
I called a few weeks back to request medication as I had back spasms and The Dr, let’s call her Dr.B, was ok but a little reluctant and suggested I try alternative methods such as he coil, sorry guys tmi!
I did as Dr.B suggested and booked an appointment to discuss this. I was already flustered after a hard day at work and had noticed myself being a little more inconsistent in my moods, I may have been more touchy when I got there however.. she said ok what do you want? I said I wanted to take about other methods to help the condition. Her advise was ‘I suggest you don’t forget to take the pill or you can have the coil- up to you the best suggestion is a hysterectomy but I’m guessing you’ll want kids of something one day’ now writing this it does not include the tone!
She made a passing comment about how she didn’t know how or why it happens but there are always the three myths that could explain it.. I googled his it came up with 1) your too young 2)your lying 3) you caused it. Looking back I wish I had known this at the time I can’t believe the audacity
It was as if Dr.B was totally bored, had no idea why I was there, it’s like she forgot that she had asked me to come in. I was under the impression she was going to help and discuss options but instead she was just well it’s that or that crack on! Didn’t review any medication, didn’t suggest any natural remedies and didn’t empathise in the slightest!
People like Dr.B are the reason things are missed these days. I needed to talk about how the change in hormones would effect my mood, so that I didn’t end up going back down the dark road I did before. Instead it left me thinking, who can I actually talk to when I feel low. All I had gotten was well I don’t know or how it will change until it happens.
These professionals are meant to help and support us, We rely on the Dr.B’s in this world to help us . it’s hard enough having to deal with the condition but to know how your going to feel one day to the next, or act one day to the next can be even harder.
We should be able to trust the people in our doctors surgery’s to help us but instead they just push you away instead. For 10 years I have been out at the bottom of the pile, for 9 years They were unable to diagnose me and when they do it’s still not enough to get help!and dismissed by this surgery but who’s actually going to listen to my complaint! They make it impossible to do!
So …here I am having a rant and filling you in on why doctors need to treat patients as people not numbers!
Thanks for reading
T x