The crash

Evening all,

I’m writing to you from a strange place at the moment.

It all started last night, and now I just can’t switch off. I came home from work a bit later than usual, I did a few emails when I got back, then I went to get I. The bath. This wasn’t my usual routine so the day felt strange anyway.

What happened next is what’s stuck to me. My partner was stood on the landing looking out the window, we were just talking and having a cuppa, next thing I hear that familiar crunching of metal. We looked outside and a car had a motor cyclist under it.

We ran outside and I rang the ambulance, while shouting for everyone to help move the car, the neighbours and bystanders helped lift the car to enable the boy to be removed. The First Lady there was the one who pulled him out. She had been put on a run when she witnessed the accident, she also happened to be an off duty police officer.

With the emergency services on the way, the neighbours helped divert the traffic. So many people were still trying to get through. With the motorcross bike in pieces and the car in an awkward position, there was no way anyone could get through.

9 minutes later the first response car came and I explained why I knew. It didn’t feel right to just leave things there given the chaos caused. I went over to the riders brother. He had been in front, his brother hadn’t followed so he came back and found the scene. I was trying to reassure him that his brother would be ok, truth was I had no idea. What can you say when there are no words?

While I was with the injured boy, he had started breather but his airways where blocked and he had a bloody nose, Prout to this the off duty police officer had removed his helmet while he was under the car. I was always told not to remove this but she was certain. It’s hard to know what to do in this situation. Everything you know goes out the window. It’s hard to know what’s for the best.

The road was cornered off and the police/forensics where there until 1am. It was hard to piece together. The driver didn’t see the bike as he turned, he seemed very shaken up and hadn’t been under the influence, the bikes were reported to be speeding but there are other impacts to.

I guess I may never know how it happened and I think I can accept that. What I would like to know is how the young guy is? I have to see what’s been updated on the local website, this is just really bugging me. He had started to have a sort of seizure when the ambulance had started to come, and the more movement, the more potential damage.

Looking back it all blends, I know what is what, but I don’t know what is what.

Now it’s just wait and see, I know deep down I did all I could in that situation even if it it doesn’t feel enough.

Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery only time will tell.

Thank you for reading I just needed to off load, there’s just no way to prepare for these things.

T x


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