Ever done this one?

Hi guys
I hope your all having a good weekend! I was just listening to a song that’s currently in the uk charts, Havana.
Now this is a really catchy song, one you want to try and sing along to. then realise you aren’t Spanish and have no actual idea what you’ve even trying to sing about that?
there’s been a few of these songs recently that have another language in them, I really like them! Only I’m a radio singer, being a radio singer is when you can’t actually sing very well, barely know the words and always sing behind the track.
Anyway I like to sing on the way to and from work in the car and when these songs come on I like to try and sing like a Latina goddess.
This does not happen but surely I’m not alone, when you do learn some of the words and sing the song, it gives you a different satisfaction to get foreign lyrics right.
How many of us do this?
Ever google the lyrics?
Watch the video and think yeah I can so do that?
I think it’s only natural, mines just a fantasy, I admire people who have the balls to perform and not seem to care. I know they do care, but to have that confidence to make music and sing must be amazing.
I’m just a happy car singer sharing my thought of the moment.
Thanks for reading
T x