Making a fairytale

Do you every think…what if the romantic films aren’t true, they don’t live happily ever after??
Of course they aren’t! That’s the point. It’s a film.
But what do these films do to us? How do they make us feel? Do we get our own happy endings?
I’ve been watching the mushy channel 5 Christmas films again. The one where two strangers meet in some questionable circumstances, and of course they ‘unexpectedly’ they fall in love. Just like that. Happy ever after, some films ever show you ‘one year later…’ just to remind you these perfect love stories must happen.
I’m happy as I am, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes though, those films just make me want the romance more. Like when I think about how much effort I had to put in to get into my relationship in the first place, I certainly wasn’t swept off my feet!
It’s not just the films that give us this hope, sometimes it’s what we see around us of what this perfect life should look like. I just wanted to be happy with someone who loves me. But that gets lost in everyday life I guess.
Do we settle for what we see as security and stability because it’s safer. Or do we chase after the fairytale that might not even be there?
I feel I’m forever trying to turn my security into a fairytale and just pushing it further away?
If it’s true what they say : if it’s mean to be it will happen
I guess I’ll find out soon enough
Thanks for reading
T x

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