The Shed- My Den

My shed is my new spiritual den.
I found that recently I needed some peace and quiet where I can think, read and write. Im also learning about mind,body and spirit so I have a large collection of items that I want all together, where I can take it all in. My house is always busy, there’s always too many people here, I never get a moment quiet when I need it.
One day I was doing the gardening and went to get a rake from the shed. That’s when it hit me. Not the rake, although that hasn’t happened before, but the idea.
My shed was grubby and horrible and seemed a waste of space as we had two. So I asked my partner if I could turn it into my den. And that’s what I did.
I took everything out the shed, cleaned it from top to bottom, I painted the walls a bright lime green and Honestly it’s not as bad as it sounds. I then got my partner to lay some carpet for me. It was almost complete.
I wanted some old fashioned arm chairs for my den as well so I can sit and watch out the window. The other half grabbed a bargain 2 beautiful red and gold arm chairs for £20.
Finally I added my granny’s bureau as well. The perfect place to relax and just be me and do me things. When I walked in today, even though it was cold, I felt good straight away, the scents, the space, the comfort of it all just seemed to hit me all at once.
Sometimes we should be able to have time alone but can’t. For me I’ve just created a way for me to do that. My safe place.
Thanks for reading
T x

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