When every way to turn point down, how do you get back up again?

So guys, this is where I’m at today. It’s one of them days where I’m weighting up so many different options.
I’m debating if I should say on my job, if I like my home and if I know what makes me happy. Truth is, I’m not sure anymore?!
I’m not sure what truly makes me happy, all I know is where I’m reading for example, In the current moment I forget about all my options, I just enjoy what’s coming next in a book, for example.
I think that’s why I’m stumped now, this isn’t a book is my real life and I don’t know what I want the next chapter to be.
All I know is that I need to stop and think about what I want and what will
Make me happy. Will I make the wrong decisions? Probably yes, I normally do. But how do I stop dwelling this time?
Im sure it seems simple from the outside, do what makes you happy. But how do you stop thinking about all the other people’s situations effect. It’s very hard to weight out the future before it happens, yet still I try for some reason.
I feel like I’m a dead end and need to hangs my future sometimes, but it’s also hard for me to when I worry about how it effects everyone else as well? It’s hard sometimes.
So yeah basically, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place! Do I need to be more aware or more selfish for my own happiness.
Which ways left and which ways right
T x