Post holiday 

Today we came back from our summer holiday. As it was my step daughters birthday we all took the week off and went down to South Wales. We stayed at a haven park and it was brilliant. We all had such a good week and traditional family holiday. 

We did activities such as water walking, aqua gets, turbo paddlers, natural bracelets and lots of pool activity on our giant inflatable watermelon. 

For my partner and 1 this was our last family holiday with his daughter before we try the ivf. We have been open and honest with lily and about the process we have to go through. Right or wrong I try not to shelter her from so much. 

She sees the news and knows what’s going on in the world. Whick makes me think that  it may prepare her for the world we are growing up in. If she knows about these things now she can choose what she believes is right or wrong. 
Anyway back to holiday! We stayed in a safari tent! This is a semi permanent tent with a double bed, single bed and a bunk bed. There was plenty of space. Semi permanent kitchen so there was water and electric. It did get to me though when on the second day, my step daughter complained there was no wifi so she couldn’t do much on her phone. 

You may think it wrong that she has a phone at 8. However one evening I went to work and her dad had fainted and was really unwell and she needed to call. 

Anyway the safari ent was amazing we all loved every minute of our holiday. I’m going to update more when I wake up. Then I will be refreshed enough to make sure what I’ve wrote make sense now. 


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