Good Crafty Friday 

Hi All

Happy Good Friday Everyone! Today We was up bright and early. I woke around 7. I got up and ready, then I Made my other half and his friend an omelete before work. Lily arose shortly after, She came down in her new outfit that she got the previous evening and said ‘I’m ready for our day of arts and crafts”. As cute as that was seeing her all dressed up and raring to go, sleep still in the corner of her eyes, there was no way I was going to let her paint in brand new clothes! Arts and craft lasted for about 1 hour and 30, she got a little restless after this though!!

1- Easter Finger Print Cards

We saw these on Pinterest before and thought why not? How cute and easy are these! All you need is yellow paint and a couple of sharpies – 1 orange and 1 black. I must admit I didn’t have orange sharpie so used paint and a not so thin brush for the beaks. I also used an old eyeliner for the feet and eyes too.

2- Painted glitter Pom Pom Easter rabbit sign!

I do love hobby craft! They have some really cool things to paint yourself. We decide to add bright colours and a googly eye to add a bit extra to our funny bunny! This will be perfect for our porch when nanny comes for dinner on Sunday!

3- Random Paint blowing! This was just a bit of fun. We decided to put blobs of paint onto a piece of card and then blow them with a straw. When the coloured started to connect we decided to make two small cards and use this as our background.

None of these bits take much effort. For me the most effort was when The paint water jar was spilt all over the table! These are just a few simple easy home crafts that are great for Easter.

After this we watched Inside out which I had never seen before. It was such a good film I really enjoyed it. I did try to hold back the tears at the end! Please note this may it have the same effect on you Im just having an emotional thinking week. Doing the arts and craft and watching the film with my step daughter really did keep my mind busy. I do believe that by doing things in the present it does help us to live more in the now.

When the film finished I then made some pepper,bacon and onion egg muffins. These are so simple and a great syn treat for my current slimming world diet phase.

We then cooked chicken fajitas with lots of peppers onions and veggies. I decided to do this with cous cous because again that just adds to be being syn free!

All in all a very very busy day. I must say this evening after my nap, I felt really content! Keeping occupied is a great help sometimes and we really enjoyed our day together again.

Thanks for reading

T x


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