Happy Mother’s Day to all! 

For me, I find Mother’s Day can be a little controversial. When I was younger I used to complain that there was no daughters day, there was never any malice in it thought, Just an ongoing joke. Mother’s Day was just that, a day to celebrate our mums.

As I got into my teen years I started to think about becoming a mother myself, I wondered what I’d be like as a mum,  how many children I’d have, who would play daddy. In my head every time I split up with a boyfriend I would just picture the next as daddy instead.

Now I’m in a different older and in a different position again this year. Part of me is still angry, for not being able to have children naturally, part of me just doubts what may not happen in the future. At the moment my mind is making me feel that I should be sad because today reminds me of the day my body let me down. It took away the one thing, as I woman I am supposed to be able to do. It took away my natural changes at morherhood. At first I thought this the end of things. I would never get what I want.

Now I’m slightly more optimistic because I know I have plenty of other options. There’s not high odds with the ivf but every year something new is introduced to improve chances. So for me right now I’m just going with ‘This time next year…..’

Instead of working yourself up about how the day might make you feel, just wait and see before you wind yourself up about it. It’s really hard Knowing while everyone else is lapping up being a mum, having presents and being spoilt. Youll be reminded of the one thing you want but can’t have.

It’s okay, this is normal to feel this way. What we change is how we react or feel about it. It’s not other people’s fault that we are unfortunate, it’s just the way our stories were meant to plan out. For what ever reason that may be.

Focus on your other options and dont freet about what others have. Sometimes not all is as it seems.

  • So happy Mother’s Day to mother and the amazing non mums out there who watch parent complaint every day wishing to have just that to complain about!

Thanks for reading

T x


6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to all! 

  1. nataliechurch says:

    I usually manage to be ok with it all i just avoid social media after posting my soppy message to my own mum and just go about my day ignoring it all, yesterday however i wasn’t very well and so I layed in bed all day refreshing social media and crying over all the….”first mother’s day and I’ve been spoilt” accompanied by endless photos of people with their adorable babies or the “this time next year I’ll have my baby here to celebrate this day” accompanied by various sized bump photos and it just got too much for me. *Sigh* somedays the positivity just slips a little doesn’t it? Xx

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    • wallsoftor says:

      It does indeed and I always find Mother’s Day can be one of them, I did the same yesterday posted my tribute to my mum then tried to avoid it, it seems the one day all the mums stick together, wish other mums a happy Mother’s Day and all that jazz. And then there’s us. The others, the ones people it seems no one gives a second thought too. Day to day it easier because you get used to people’s ignorance. Yet to us, Mother’s Day can get to us just by others bliss xx

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  2. Diana says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have never thought about Mother’s day like this before though I do get what you mean. I don’t have children though I am in my 30s although my case may be a bit different. However, the regrets and longings are all the same. Hugs to you ❤

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