Digestives and icing 

‘Twas the night before Red Nose Day and

you could hear more than a mouse,

there was a noisy little girl in the house,

so we decided to bake biscuits

that were red pink and blue

They all looked so different

Just like me and you.

Hi all,

Today after school lily and I decided to decorate some biscuits. We were going to bake some ,but this way any we did wrong or didn’t like we could dispose of and not feel bad.

I remember that I used to do this in my brownies groups when I was younger. We used to use plain icing but coloured seems more fun! We used 200g of icing sugar and added 1 tablespoon of hot water then added some food colour gel, I find you get a better colour with the gel than normal colourings. When you’ve mixed all of this together simply spread onto the biscuits with the back of a spoon and decorate how you wish!

It’s really simple but is great for an easy afternoon activity. Will be good with Easter coming up to try and do some in different colours e.g. Yellow that look like 🐥 chicks.

Thanks for reading

T x.


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