Horse racing – Cheltenham

Hi all,
This week is ‘race week’ at our local racecourse, its a really popular event and lots of people attend the first day saw excess of over 70000 people. I wanted to do a daily update but I kind of got lost in the weeks festivities. This  is one of the main racing events in the UK. The best thing about this week is the atmosphere. All the Irish come over because its their horses that race here too, everyone is mainly happy and drunk during races. Its the peak event for all trainers and jockeys everywhere with everything leading up to Fridays main race- the gold cup.
Day 1
Today was a disappointment for myself. The ground was good to soft and it was a good dry day the weather held out all day. The horses that were meant to win didn’t  (the favourites), but that’s the joy of racing .For my it was a bad day as I only came out £20 up but at least there weren’t as many injuries.
My top picks of the day
Un temps pour tout -9/1- Came 1st – this has been popular before so I thought I would back him again.
Altior – 1/4 –  Came 1st – this was the only favourite that came 1st today, others that came first weren’t the most favoured.
Apples Jade -7/2- Came 1st – new horse to me haven’t heard of this one before but I will be backing again in future.
Melon -3/1- Placed 2nd – fave horse and the fave jockey, sadly it wasn’t ruby Walsh’s day today, still a good result though – unless you didn’t go each way.
Day 2
Today was a beautiful day the sun was shinning and the weather was great. Sadly it wasn’t a day for the faves again. Some placed and did ok but only 1 favourite out of 7 races came in. This is really does show that its anyone’s game. Two years ago I remember there being 3 jockeys that dominated the festival, this time around is great to see some old jockeys and new making there headway at Cheltenham.
My top picks of the day
Neon Wolf – 2/1 – Placed 2nd – right up until the end, neon was looking very strong, however on the last hurdle he did falter, he recovered so well and came second on a photo finish.
Whisper – 9/2 – Placed 2nd – This horse has a popular trainer and I hadn’t heard of the favourite on this race before. although  the fave did win it was again a very close 2nd for whisper.
Special Tiara – 20/1 – Came 1st – this was a turn for the books I picked this based on my sister in law, her names Tara and she picks this every year and every year he’s come in the to  3. was extremely pleased with this win but cold kick myself for not putting more on.
Day 3
I cant yet give my summary of today, however the weather isn’t looking good its very overcast. However different horses like different ground and conditions so we shall see what happens from there.
My top picks of the day –
Flying angel – 16/1 – I like the jockey for this horse and the name seems significant to me.
unowhatimeanharry – 11/8 – the fave for the day, although this horse is looking strong if the last two days are anything to go by there may be not be as good a chance as it seems
Doctor Harper – 11/1 – this is my horse for the last race of the day, I think hes done well in previous years so I thought why not.
isleofhopendreams – 12/1 – again a well favoured jockey and so far this week he hasn’t had much luck.
I will update my selections later and see who comes in today- to all fellow horse racing lovers out there … Good Luck
Thanks for reading
T x



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