I feel flooded 

I feel flooded Like its too much for me right now . I would love to do that, to have that store that opportunity but now? Right now I want to have a baby and complete my family. It’s just the missing part of our puzzle, I would love that chance but the actual how to run it scares me, I don’t know how to pay people, what things I need to start, I just know how to make it look good and know what to sell the ideas, but actually materialising it. I’m not actually sure I can do that. What if I get it wrong, who do I turn to if I get stuck, who will bail me out. It’s nice in a dream to see what it’s like but in reality it scared the hell out of me. Why now? Now that I’m settled again, to a point, I can handle things for now. But I want to stay strong for my family I could have, im scared I can’t do the two, we have our house our home and I don’t want to leave it. I just don’t know what to do….

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