4 weeks today! 

Hi all

It has been 4 weeks today since I have become a non- smoker.

I was truely sceptical about whether hypnotherapy would work . I can now confirm that it really does work! I didn’t think I was strong enough to give up myself, yet I knew I needed to because of the up coming ivf! And that’s a better reason than any for me.

Having hypnotherapy really worked, I remember the things sarah (the hypnotherapist) worked on my future plans for a baby, she taught me I was preparing my body for my baby. I can still vauguely remember the things she said but I know they are still in my subconscious.

For anyone looking to give up smoking I would recommend this if you feel you can’t do it yourself. Looking back now I know I probably could have given up after our initial chat consultation. After one session I am now proud to say it has been 4 weeks since I have become a non- smoker again! And I couldn’t feel better!

Thanks for reading

T x


8 thoughts on “4 weeks today! 

    • wallsoftor says:

      I’ve switched to flavoured green tea now as well, and coffee has always been a fave of mine, I was a bugger for a latte. I like the taste of coffee more than the caffeine but I guess it all plays a part. Decaf from now on! No I didn’t have headaches either I was really suprised easy it was


  1. FindYourMojo says:

    Time and time again, hypnosis is proved to be soooooo very effective with smoking cessation. Hypnosis is the means to access YOUR inner resources to really achieve what your authentic inner self wants to achieve – well done you! 🙂

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