Apple crumble pies 

Hey all,

Yesterday we decided to try some apple pie/crumble muffin size. And I must say the results were pretty good, we couldn’t go far wrong because I brought the pastry and filling and crumble ready made. For me each thing itself would have been a separate challenge, so I thought if I put it all together ready made I’ll know what it should taste like, unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any pictures. I didn’t think about it until after. Below is what we did it’s a really simple dessert I think.

1) Grease a muffin tray- these usually come with 6 spaces.

2) Cut ready made shortcut pastry into circles and gently press them in to each space.

3) Fill with apple pie filling. Don’t film right to the top. Allow room for the filling.

4) Cover the top with a crumble mix.

5) Place in the centre of the oven at 180 for around 20 minutes.

6) Check throughout baking as you don’t want the topping going to crisp and burning.

We finished these off by also making apple crisps for the top.

All in all really quick, easy and tasty dessert. Easy to Bake with children. Now I know it will work and taste great I will be trying this again but using my own individual ingredients rather than ready made. I admit to do like a quick trick when it comes to cooking anything. I didn’t choose cooking in school I chose resistant materials instead!

Thanks for reading

T x


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