Testing patiences 

Do you ever wonder if certain people think…hey I’m going to piss you off just because I can? I’m pretty sure that’s what one of my parents purposely does. 

So my car broke and I am just having a general conversation about how I’ll sell mine and then downgrade. Thos Suddenly that means I should take out finance on a new car! Well in practice that sounds good, but why would you suggest a car you know I hate?! Oh and my pay has been reduced so I really can’t afford a pickle?! It seems bizarre I mean if you don’t know what to say then just don’t say. 

I think what bugs me most is a new car for the parent would be a drop in the ocean, but god forbid you would want to offer to help?! 

Maybe I’m just being selfish but I had to ask about ivf in the first place, this was never ever offered to me just out of being kind. It started off as we would like to take you all on holiday- I said no thank you hopefully I will be pregnant by then; I just got the reply ok well you don’t mind if we still go do you….Knock yourself out. 

Ok then we will pay for ivf! Great but I would of found a way to pay for that I will never get he chance for a holiday. 

Anyway selfish moan out! 

Thanks for reading 

T x


One thought on “Testing patiences 

  1. iamlindseybernice says:

    I feel like people get great joy out of knowing they can piss you off. If they know the right buttons to push anyone will push those buttons because they know they can! It can be real annoying!

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