Meat Ball Rolls

Evening everyone!

This afternoon we decided to try cooking something a bit different we found this great website called twisted! It has lots of different unusual recipes – basically normal recipes but twisted! …We decided to go for the meatballs in a roll!

We made our meatballs from scratch using beef mince, garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs, Parmesan and salt.

We then cut holes in all the rolls that were big enough for the meatballs (ours seemed huge) then, after browning the meat balls, we put them inside the rolls.

We then added a marinara sauce to the top and finished with grated mozzarella. We then put them into cook for 20 mins on temperature 180c.

These were so filling two absolutely left me stuffed. I would recommend anyone try try these out on a lazy Sunday, sod the roast dinner I prefer what I today so much more!

Oh and needless to say … diets just don’t work on a Sunday! Thanks for reading guys!

T x