why do you seem hate me 

And make me feel so low 

When every words a negative 

It’s Another hurtful blow 
I love you so much 

For all that you used to do 

But why is it suddenly 

That I mean nothing to you 
You used to tell me it would be ok 

And always hold me tight 

Now it’s never me and you 

I miss our cuddles at night 
It’s like you’ve just switched off 

And turned you back on me 

What happened to that time 

When we were so happy 
I wish we could go back 

To the love of another time 

I long to hold you in my arms 

And you’ll be back to being mine 


9 days smoke free and lost half a stone 

Hi all

It seems  weekend has been a turn around, I didn’t have much faith at the beginning of the week and it’s now just looking up, I got to spend time with my beautiful gappy step daughter this evening. She wanted to have her hair curled so we spent a bit of time playing hair and make up. 

I love doing things like this with her and it was a great way to test out my new BaByliss – curl secret – hair curler. As you have to keep the one side facing your head it’s hard to do sometimes. Regardless we ended up with this beautiful result! 

Tomorrow is our arts and crafts day for Valentine’s Day so we are both looking forward to that! We found some great ideas on Pinterest! Will update soon, 

T x