I could kick myself 

So far it’s been a week and a half since I wrote my post about things I don’t want to give up…unfortunately I haven’t been as true to myself as I had liked with them. The main one being the blogging?! 

Maybe it’s just been a long week for it, for some reason when I’m st work I just don’t seem to be able to ever get 5 minutes away from everyone to write, there’s always someone wanting g to tell me useless information or fry on my shoulder (which I don’t mind). 

But so far within the last two weeks, I’ve pretty much stuck to my diet, exercised more than usual, given up caffeine and stopped smoking! Not bad for a couple of weeks. If like to say I feel totally different and more refreshed more alive, but right now…I don’t. I feel like sometimes nothing I do is good enough it’s just another change I’ve made. I am definitely going to make more of a concours effect at work to think. No break time and I stop To do what I want to do! 

Thanks for reading 

T x


The company 

I work for a large company that’s all over the world in many countries, it was in America until it failed as well, which I must say doesn’t surprise me that much. We are always reminded that anything we say on our social media is a reflection of the company. So your not allowed to express yourself incase something’s inappropriate or offends someone else. This company already controls my frigging home life and all aspects of my day to day as well as social media too. 

I think what annoys me the most is that we are constantly reminded, how we are meant to show out personalities and be ourselves…. except its all utter crap. If they really thought that they wouldn’t hold people back who want to develop, just for having a different opinion. 

You have to fit a certain mould, of course they would never ever admit to do that it would always be we care about what our colleagues have to do…rubbish complete rubbish. You either fit the mould- shut up and get on with it or leave. Many times that’s been made clear. 

I think this giant company doesn’t actually realise what they do on a day to day because they are focusing on the wrong places of the business. If it’s not about saving money or making it, they don’t Give a toss. Everyone know your look after your colleagues and the rest should take care of its self. 

No no no they just aren’t content another with that! I don’t think they realise how much pressure they are putting on people and how wrong the things they have been able to cut is unreal. I’d love to know the point of the union because combining two huge job roles and removing pay isn’t what I would call fair. 

This company convinced me to drop out of colleagues and work for them in stead. It’s easy.. just become a manager… WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.

I could of been anything, done anything, and I was naively too easily led. I may not be able to back out now because of the grown up things…mortgage to put and such but I have now decided not to put them first now. 

After constant criticism, cut pay, no development at all, refused opportunities im the one who ends up being performance managed because the job its self is ridiculous. So thank you mr ***** I haven’t used your name but one day I’d love to give people a real insight into your company. 

Treating problem right can be the difference. 

Be approachable or don’t be approached which would you rather? 

Thanks for reading 

T x