My Smoking Hypnotherapy Journey..

Good Afternoon My Beautiful Bloggers!

I started to say yesterday about stopping smoking but unfortunately couldn’t expand much and share as much as I wanted to, so I’m catching up now instead. I had been smoking for 14years and I needed to give up for one main reason . IVF. I mean sure there are other reasons as well –  less breathless, better health , less smelly, better fitness, less cost, better concentration – The list is endless.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see these reasons as anything at the time. Smoking has never really concerned me as such, I had the attitude sure smoking could kill me but I could step in front of a bus tomorrow … Would it be the Bus or the Smoking that killed me?? – Silly I know in the grander scheme of things.  I know now that I just didn’t want give up something I thought I was in control of.

Smoking gave me that 5 minutes outside at work when everyone else is having a bad day I could just go out side breathe and start again. Smoking was something that even if my parents didn’t want me to do it, they couldn’t ever actually stop me once I was old enough. Smoking was my choice it was something that I did when I wanted. But as time went on the habit just stuck, it didn’t go away and it became a bad part of me.

I was in such a routine it became just an everyday necessity, every hour or so…fag, somebody upset at work and they smoke…Fag. It just happened. So I went to see a hypnotherapist who helped and guided me through. Its really difficult to explain what happened in some ways because I’m not sure. But I can say. I am now a non smoker because I just don’t smoke anymore.

I had emailed Sarah several times over December and I kept almost chickening out. Then finally we agreed on 2nd February. We had a conversation on the phone to discuss why I wanted to give up, Did I have something to gain from giving up and many other questions around this, other questions were also just around me and what I do on a daily basis. Sarah said that it was a great motivation to want to give up for the IVF because I have something to gain from not smoking, a Baby. She also said that previously, a few people who has struggled, as they felt they were giving up this habit and getting nothing in return, so they feel a sense of loss. Which I can totally see now, as well as the fact that smoking is not actually addictive – The nicotine companies are literally just having a laugh at us.

I did take in everything that Sarah told me and although it made sense what was being said I also thought surely this cant just change things, just like that?! So we moved on to the actual hypnotherapy. I lead down on the sofa chair in the beautiful, calming office surroundings. The problem was the light and my already existing headache! So I tried to ignore it and pretend there was nothing there and tried my best to relax, I think to some extent I could but I couldn’t fully switch off. I was so scared that it wasn’t going to work because I wasn’t relaxed, we did turn the light off after though and then I felt I could genuinely start to relax more.

It must have done its job somewhere along the line though, because so far so good. I just don’t smoke anymore. I found coming round from the therapy really easy, Sarah said a lot of people have a lot of different experiences, some feel like they’re floating others feel like there sinking, yet I just lead there normally just a bit relaxed and yet it seems to work. I believe hypnotherapy has genuinely helped me.

In some senses I really don’t want to smoke at all, but sometimes I do think about it still. Again though its the same thing I guess, if I don’t think about it, its not there. I still struggle and especially first thing in the morning but its not been long so I’m still really pleased with the results. I can’t quite get my head around the fact for 14 years I’ve done something every hour of the day for this long and now, I just don’t need it. I just don’t smoke anymore. This did come at a price but I think so far for me I think its been worth it. £175.

Thanks for reading

T x


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