New hair! 

So I’m back at work tomorrow and I’m nervous now! I don’t want things too change I’m happy with being at home, doing my thing.But I know I’ve got so many reviews and audits to go back to it’s not exactly appealing.
However I do want to go a k I just don’t want all of the pity and the sympathetic looks from people who claim they understand! So I decided to die my hair, I’ve only got back to my natural but it’s still a change.
I figured this way people will be more interested in my hair than how I’m doing: I know it sounds silly but it saves us both the awkwardness in the long run.
It’s the simple little things that might make a difference. I will feel more confiedent too and less like all I’ve done is just totally let myself go.
A bit of tanning moisturiser to hide how dark my bags actually are and I’m good to go. The problem is.. you look ok your supposed to be ok. Yet looking ok means that I can just get on with things at my own pace instead of having to answer the questions.
-What’s next then?
– When do you next go in?
– is it going to work?
I really do know just as much as them apart from my own research and a brief meeting with the reproductive unit.
Fingers crossed. So I paint it one and make out I’m ok. Truth is doing this makes it ok it reminds me of the routine without getting flooded
Thanks for reading
T x

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