Things I want to keep doing

Keep writing and blogging – I’ve enjoyed this for years even if I’m not good, at least it gets things out of my head onto the paper! 

Keep drinking green tea – I used to drink at least 8 cups of coffee a day I’m now down to 2 before noon then jut green tea after that. 

Keep reading books- I love books. I think because it’s what you make it in your head, and we all see things differently, which is why I’m not a fan of some books being made to film… 50 shades of grey …I did not picture Jamie doran I pictured Mr Big from sex and the city! This clearly wasn’t the case almost ruined my image in the book! 

Keep eating breakfast – I’ve never been one for brekkie, I tend to wait until just before lunch then have breakfast, therefore making all of my meals later. I’m getting better at this! 

Keep reading and learning about Mind, Body and spirit- I have really enjoyed these so far and the gifts you get with them are great! My collects building up nicely now, it’s a lot to take on but there’s no hurry. 

Keep meditating – I’m new to this but have been doing well so far and I don’t want to loose that in everyday life again. I want to keep making time for the things I like. 

Keep cooking and cleaning- since I’ve been able to order food shopping and plan meals I’ve been cooking more which I actually enjoy doing. I’ve been able to just keep on top of the house work easily to and in turn me and the other half are getting along better. 

All in all I’m making a pledge to myself to keep doing what makes me happy. 

T x


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