Aches and Pains

I’ve really been aching and hurting a lot today, my back and neck just feel so uptight, I’m still off recovering from my operation, and I’m due to go back soon, the more I think about going back the more I worry I’m not ready, I’ve just gone through this whole process without actually dealing with the emotional side, I mean I think its just my coping mechanism. Its the next step in the process we’ve got to come to be able to have ivf. I try to not think about that because there are no guarantees. It all just seems so formal and it just kind of happened, no worrying, no time to worry it just happened. And now its nearly over I’m meant to be ready to just bounce back and go back to work like nothing happened. It just all seems a bit surreal now. Now I also wonder if the pains and aches that I’m feeling are really just my worry coming out. Is it even really there?! I know deep down it is but still it just makes me think. Do I just press play again on my life and carry on?
T x

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