The Confusions of Family

Last week my partner lost his new job after only a few weeks. He had been unwell and made to work outside and then he had do something that wasn’t in his job description and had an accident. The ‘Boss’ told him to have the rest of the week and start back Monday. This is the last thing we need given that I’m already off sick after my operation. So my other half also hurting and off work. What made it worse was as he was due to go back he got a text early in the morning to say ‘sorry it didn’t work out between us lets just call it quits’. This came as a huge shock because one minute the boss didn’t want to get a cold himself and said to take the week off, the next he’s saying thank you but no thank you. Anyway regardless of how much stress this puts on us, to pay our mortgage its ok because we can help each other through, I’m not going to lie I have rather enjoyed having him at home. its not often we get just him and her time. So this morning he spoke to his mum , who recommended him for the job in the first place, She was saying about what a terrible weekend she’d had because her dog had been unwell over the weekend and she was struggling with her husband being away. I feel like somehow we were just supposed to know that this had happened over the weekend. We are always criticized for not helping or not being involved but how can we be when we only find out after somethings happened. So it was all woe is me this morning while he was on the phone. After the phone call he said, she didn’t even ask me about the job, so I guess she doesn’t know about it or something, I’ll message her and let her know. And so he did. Only to find out she did know but had too much on to worry about her son loosing his job and not being able to pay his mortgage?!? I understand everyone has their own problems but I just cant get my head around not being there for your child, if you don’t ask does it mean the problems not there?? No of course it doesn’t, I don’t want to be one of those women who doesn’t get along with their  Mother-in-law, like a lot of other women in the world, but Jesus Christ its hard.
Anyone else experienced this before? Surely it cant just be me?

T x


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