Mango Green Tea 

Hi all

I’m a huge coffee person and just can’t function without one in the morning! Although that’s not where it stops, one to wake you up- sure no problem. 8 a day with 2 sugars…yeah I may need to stop that! So I’ve decided to try green tea with mango and passion fruit. I’ve been going almost a week now and I must say I don’t feel too caffeine lacking! I still take one sugar with it as it tastes to bitter for me otherwise. Definitely a caffeine cut down! Would definitely recommend this one below to anyone who’s new to fruit teas and even if your not…it’s good tea, I have also tried one with added b6- blackcurrent and pomegranate (I think) I personally didn’t like this that much but my partner does so it’s easy- just buy a pack of each .

Anyone else know of and decent green teas?

What do you recommend?

Thanks for reading

T x


4 thoughts on “Mango Green Tea 

      • candysplanet says:

        I purchased a tea sampler from Amazon, and found Ahmad Limeflower Tea. It is amazingly good! There are different size samplers, and I bought the 100 bags. It had a selection of mostly 2 samples of different kinds of teas (black, green, fruit) and some 1 or 3 bag samples. They were from different manufacturers, and I had about 40 different kinds of tea. There were only a handful I didn’t like, but Limeflower was a big hit!


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