The Third Time Lucky

Hi all,
This is another oldie that I wrote a while back. I’m truly grateful for what I have now for me it really was third time lucky. I don’t regret anything from the past that’s taught me a lesson. Its got me where I am today and made me who I am for which I am so very content with right now.
Thanks for reading
T x
So I stopped the pain
The only emotion I could feel
And looked a little deeper
At my feelings that were real

I began to move on as best I could
I’d pushed them aside like they weren’t there
I Buried them deep down
When I really did care

I tried to find a way out
And rediscover me
But whenever someone came close
My heart told me to flee

I built my walls so high
It looked like I couldn’t get out
Every time Id get close
My head would remind me of my doubt

But then a found something new
I felt completely different inside
The pain that I had once felt
Finally began to subside

Thank you for showing me right from wrong
Stopped me from listening to that sad love song
When I lost my way you found me in the dark
Showed me the light Gave me a new start

And now I’ll always be grateful
For all the little things you do
Sometimes I may not seem a lot
But it’s the little things that show I love you


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