My Sweet Revenge

Hi All!  

This weekend I have finished ‘My Sweet Revenge’ by Jane Fallon. I started this Thursday and no I’ve finished I wish there was more. 

The book was a great read and I was constantly wanting to find out more. The story, on occasion, flipped between characters for different chapters. From this we can see both Paula and Saskias point of view on what’s happening. 

To start – Paula and Robert have been married for 18years and together 20. They have a daughter ,Georgia, who is almost 18 now and off to uni. Robert is an actor in a Tv series he has had a rather successful career , Paula on the other hand has been bringing up Georgia and playing housewife while working part time in a bakery.

 All seems fine in their marriage, until one day Paula sees a text from Roberts co-star, Saskia. This is what leads Paula to start suspecting the affair. instead of letting herself go and getting down, Paula starts to change around her life making new foundations and while trying to play a new version of herself to make Robert fall back in love with her.

This is all just part of the grander plan for Paula, she was never vindictive before she found out the last two years had been a lie. They say revenge is sweet, and this is proved through out in subtle little ways. 

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a happy ending and a hard time getting there. There were so many do they ?don’t they ? moments I thought it had almost been for nothing until the very end. 

If anyone had read this please let me know your thoughts. 

This isn’t like the usual crime thrillers I read ,yet I was still just as gripping to know what happened next. This is real life at this best and shows a different way of dealing with the situation. 

Thanks for reading 

T x


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