Hi all
What was a dream it was my fantasy,
for a minute I believed I could be what I wanted to be,
but you put an end to it and I started again,
held my head high didn’t tell a friend.
I got lost in you in your hopes and wishes too,
I believed that I could be just like you,
But I have my routine and I’m settled in,
now I’m not sure – don’t know where to begin.
I want to start fresh and go somewhere new
I know when I get there I wouldn’t know what to do,
I’ve got what I wanted from the start,
but there’s still a empty gap – a space in my heart,
I wish there was more and I could break away,
what I thought was my home is not where I want to stay.
I can be what I want to be but if I did who would want to listen to me,
so I’ll carry on in this empty space,
until I can find my own saving grace
I wrote this when there was a piece of the puzzle missing that I just couldn’t figure out.
I know now I had it all along and just didn’t see it, still sometimes we think of moving away and starting again, with ties its just not that easy. But there’s no hurry, I genuinely somehow believe that if its meant to be, it will happen. I know we are ‘meant to be’ of course more than anything in my life, but which path we take will be down to fate.
Thanks for reading
T x

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