The Teacher ..Finally Finished

Hey All
So I’ve finally finished the teacher and I must say it was a good gory surprising read. It took me a while to get into it because originally different things were happening but didn’t link up. The more I got into the story the more I began to make the little links which would soon all lead to the reveal.
This book tells the story of revenge that had been waiting to happen for almost 20 years. There is good reason behind this though I believe. The first person to pass away is the head teacher of a school who hangs himself but it isn’t solely his choice to do this.
The second man is murdered in his ‘weekend apartment’. This is where he goes and pays men for sex and what ever else he chooses to do to them. However A stranger is already in the apartment and waiting, the stranger kills him and removes all of his organs in the process. The man who was murdered was called Kevin, he was a very wealthy and well respected among the high rollers. He is married with a son , Ryan, who also has his own issues. His secret from his wife was one thing but the secret he buried deep about what he did to the boy was something else.
There were 3 other victims along with the head master and Kevin, all of these where involved but without a trace. DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles have the difficult task of figuring out who is responsible for the murders that are growing by the minute. While everyone else in the force have there suspect in the frame, Kevin’s son – Ryan. Miles has his suspicions yet he genuinely believes Ryan is not responsible for this type of crime. Given that Miles and Ryan have a past together, as miles never quite manage to keep Ryan long down enough to catch him, if he believes he’s not capable of this crime there has to be a good reason.
With Miles and Grey warned away from the case, they decide to do things their own way. As they get closer to the truth they are very disturbed by what they have found along their journey. There’s more than meets the eye to the nature of this crime, but will the person behind them get caught or will his actions be justified??
Overall this is a fantastic thriller and I really enjoyed reading it. I could picture it in my head from start to finish. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes the sound of the above, its a real physiological thriller at its best. I have tried not to reveal too much about the story its self because the above just doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Thanks or reading
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