My Disgusting Friend

Afternoon All
Today my friend came round who I haven’t seen in a while, not for any reason we’ve both just had a lot on recently. Anyway with in ten minutes of her being here we were just as we had always been. She’s that one friend who I know totally gets my sense of humour and is just as dark and dry as I am.
Nothing I say to her even makes her blink an eyelid. We just have that relationship that you don’t just get with anyone, we bounce back off against each other and can both just be as disgusting as we want. It’s not like a strange sick friendship at all. It’s a hilarious almost wet yourself kind of friendship.
The things that you don’t just mention everyday, or things that some people would be offended by if they didn’t get you. We don’t let anything really phase us in a way I guess. We can always see the funny side even in a really ‘pooey’ situation. Which strangely enough seems the topic of most our conversations.
To my dear friend who makes me laugh continually although I don’t see you as much, you truly do cheer me up every time and make me forget everything for the time I’m with you. Thank you for this! This is what friends are for!
Laughing and just forgetting the world
T x

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