The Lie 

Another brilliant read by C.L.Taylor.

This book was dark, gripping and tense. Not for the faint hearted in a way. I liked this book as I could visualise it all happening.

I felt like I could picture the resort and imagine exactly what happened to the girls. It’s been a while since a actually read this one so giving a detailed review is hard.

However from what I remember this was extremely gripping. I was scared for the girls I wanted hen to get away as much as they wanted to get away too.

The book flips from past to present through out and it’s almost like reading two stories that you know are going to link but not actually how they link. All is revealed in the end of course but it seems tragedy Is never far away from ‘Jane Hughes’

I love the past and present sides of stories and knowing thy are going to link, but also knowing that when they do link, something’s always going to happen before it settles down again, and something’s are not all as they seem.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes crime, triller or suspense books.

If you have read it before let me know!

Thanks for reading

T x


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