The Girl Who Lied 

Loved this book! This is a great read by Sue Fortin.
This story is about a girl called Erin and her old friend Roisin. The girls are no longer friends due to a tragic accident that happened many years ago. Erin moved away from her home because of the accident ,but it comes back to haunt her when she has to return. There’s more to roisin than meets the eye. I don’t think she wouldn’t of done the things she had if she knew what we knew. What got me was who helped roisin  Because I really didn’t see that coming at all. How the book unravels was really good, there were things I thought I knew but had missed along the way to. The ending is good and I believe in happy endings even if they are a bit disfunctional. I recommended this book to many of my colleagues at work who have all now read it as well.
The book it’s self has 3 parts which all flow well. The chapters are short so it was definitely one of there where ‘one more chapter before bed’ that end up being at least 5 or 6. It’s a gripping book and makes you just want to know what happens next. Hope you get the chance to read this book as it was such a good read.
Thanks for reading
T x

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