Our Saturday Night Concerts

Hi All,
So its Saturday night and Lily and I have just put on our usual concert. This happens when dads out! I am not an amazing singer I like to think I’m more of a singing in the car kind of girl. I want to encourage her to help grow her confidence. We both take it in turn to sing one of our favourite songs with the lyrics, we connect the phone to the sound bar just so its extra loud for her.
She puts on a full on concert bouncing all over the place. Admittedly she’s 7 but she has the rhythm of a wooden spoon. Its just so cute to see. When it comes to my turn I tend to just hold the phone and sing as well as I can. Yet when we’re in the car I can put on just as good an act as her, maybe that’s because I’m focusing on the road rather than how I sound . I am still conscious in front of her because I do care what she thinks even about silly things, its like an approval kind of thing.
This is just one of the small pleasure I enjoy about my soon-to- be step daughter. Its something daddy doesn’t see and its something that’s just us two. I know its only singing in the front room but for us its more. Its just easy with her. I don’t actually sing like that in front of Sam, my other half, with him I always take the mick because he knows I know I cant sing and we both just joke about it. I think the difference between me caring with Lily and not so much with Sam, is because he loves me with me even with all my flaws, he choose to grow this life with me. Lily isn’t here by her choice she’s part of the package. But you know its got to be going well because even though there’s not a choice to come here she still wants to, which means a million times more.
Don’t get me wrong we have our little spats, and not so little spats. But I wouldn’t change our living room concerts for anything.
Thanks for reading
T x

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