Goodbyes not forever…

Hi all
I wrote this poem for a colleague who left work, I just wanted to share it. It is personal to her so some bits may not make sense to everyone. Thanks for reading
Many years you’ve been here
For me it’s from the start
Even tho your kind of scary
You’ve got a really big heart
For all the times we argued
And never took the blame
For that I’m truly sorry
But This place won’t be the same
From the good times to the bad
We’ve always made it through
Our moans stick us together
Now who will be my glue
The times that you get lost
Are all part of what makes you
Nows your time to find yourself
just enjoy your time too
whatever change has happened
One things remained the same
Our strength to make it through
Look at what we became
Your muppets will be sad
That it’s time you have to go
They’re your friends forever
That you truly know
They’ve seen you at your worst
They’ve seen you at your best
But your little morning crew
They Put you to the test
Now you can enjoy forgot
The log books and standards to
A part of you will live on
Through the little you’s
The secrets that we’ve shared
I’ll always hold dear
You’ll always be my friend
Even when your not so near
So when your gone Don’t be sad
Think of the memories we’ve shared
We will all always be here
Nows not the time to be scared
You’ll be able to have a cuppa
Or maybe even two
Without anyone rushing
This is just for you
Goodbyes not forever but
We will always miss you
And remember how much
You always helped us through
So enjoy your new journey
Whatever that may be
It will all come together
loves something you get for free

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