One day angel 

Morning all! I wrote this poem when I was struggling to say good bye and it gave me a huge amount of comfort from doing this. And helped me move forward.

I never got to meet you

No time to say goodbye

One minute you were there

The next you had to fly
I felt so empty when you left

With nothing inside me

I wander who you would of looked like

Or who you could have been
No photos or memories

No last chance to meet

Loosing you hurt so much

It really cut me deep
Maybe it was for the best

But why did my dream have to die

You know I’ll always love you

Until I can fly so high
Then I won’t have to miss you

I’ll get my time to shine

To hold you for the first time

And finally you’ll be mine
Mummy always loves you

And thinks of you every day

One day we will be together

Where we can laugh and play


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