IVF-What’s if it doesn’t work?

Hey all,

So I’ve had my final operation I needed before I could have ivf. I have now had both Fallopian tubes removed so am completely infertile. I’m ok about it because I have options, still have both my ovaries and there’s always hope. Now it suddenly all feels a bit too quick now, for 9 years I’ve been waiting to find out can I ..can’t I ..?
I think after all that time of not knowing, finally knowing was a relief because at least I could have answers to my questions. After all this time of waiting and wanting something to happen, now that it actually might happen I’m not sure I’m ready, I feel like maybe I need a break after everything.  Before starting another journey of what could be more disappointment. What if it doesn’t work what if there’s a problem?

I’ve come so far since finding out what my problems were, at the time though, I was in a very dark place. Now I’m in a much better place I guess what I’m scared of is if the process of it brings me back to square one… how long do I try for?!?

Anyway I’m sure this is going to be one hell of a journey. I’m nervous, excited and scared. As much as I worry That it’s too soon, it’s all I’ve ever wanted and it’s only going to me make strong


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