The Missing

Hi all, as I’m currently off sick after an operation I decided to get lots of new books to help me through, call me old fashioned but I much prefer an actual book rather than an e-book. That’s just me, I’m a page folder I admit it I also like the fact I can read them in the bath and it doesn’t matter if they get wet, paper dries not so much with tablets. Anyway so I read a book called The Missing by C.L.Taylor. I went for this book as I have already read one of her first books, The Lie, I figured it should be just as easy to get into and follow. The gripping story of a missing 15 year old boy, Billy, just kept me turning pages, I was constantly trying to guess and workout what had happened to her son. The mother in this book also suffered blackouts which I think was good as well because it genuinely made you doubt everyone in the family. This was a really great book if you like crime/thriller type books as I do. It makes you try to work it out yourself… Now I know what really happened to Billy… do you want to find out too??

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