First blog post

Hi all, My very first blog post thank you for reading. I wanted to start this blog just because I read and see so many things that I thought maybe I could start sharing these. I plan to just see how things go, Although I do like reading and arts and crafts I do have many other interests to. I’ve listed a few things about me below :-
Arts and crafts with Lily – Lily is my beautiful 7 year old step daughter. We have a close relationship and we get along well, she knows what buttons to press but I think that’s just kids in general. It took me a while with lily in the beginning so I may share some of that too, Lily loves anything to do with arts and craft and making things, we have her every week Thursday – Sunday so it gives us time to do something new every week. Gel-a- peel is our this weekends project.
Tv series and books – I’m a bit of a series fanatic at times, I started watching one a few months ago and finished it within days, while that was good I then missed it and wish I had taken more time.
I know some people maybe rather sceptical about clairvoyants – personally I’m trying to learn more about it, I’ve had plenty of spiritual readings and the things I’ve been told you just could not make up. So every now and then if I learn something new or think somethings worth sharing then I may post around this.
Poems – I like writing poetry but have never really posted any poems online, I did post a few on but I didn’t use my own name, I don’t know why I guess I was just anxious of what others might think. Right now though I’m kind of over that stage, If they help you and bring you comfort as they did me then that’s all I can ask for.
My health – this is something I’m getting used to sharing and becoming more comfortable with. I am currently infertile and have a condition called endometriosis. I should still be able to conceive through IVF and that is this years project, I’ve had both fallopian tubes removed but I still have hope that this year might just be the year I finally get my healthy little baby.
Depression/anxiety/counselling – After I had the above I was a little bit lost, very lost in fact and I just didn’t know what to do and who to share things with a became a hermit and couldn’t pick myself back up. Over the past year I have managed to deal with this in my own way and couldn’t be prouder of what I feel I have achieved.
Anyway, I know that seems like my life story in one but its far from. I just wanted to share a few facts and thing about me in case other people can relate somewhere along the line.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.



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