Cross Her Heart by -Sarah Pinborough Review

‘I don’t think I’ve read a book this quickly in a while, hooked from the beginning – not all is as it seems and this book is full of twisted revelations even down to the epilogue’
People say don’t judge a book by its cover, but 9/10 time I do this – not by the pictures but by the reviews from other authors. One of the reviews said ‘addictive’ I must say this did not disappoint!

This is a well written novel which is twisted and keeps you guessing from the moment you start reading. What was in my head the whole time was a part from the blurb ‘When you think you’ve guessed the twist…YOU HAVEN’T’ the whole time I kept an open mind thinks my it’s not what I think is and to some effect this was true.
The short chapters are easy to read and I love it when books allow you to feel and hear from different characters, not just the one the story revolves around.
Highly recommend this book will be looking out for future books by Sarah
Thanks for reading
T x


When they tell you no appointments for three week and I say I couldn’t be dead by then they suddenly find appointments

Another one to soon

Hi all
I feel the need to write today because of something in the press and it made me think. A young man had taken his own life which can only mean he felt he couldn’t continue anymore. A lot of people envied him, he was a good guy suffering from grief and god knows what else. We all have our demons.
A lot of Please say why don’t you speak to someone? Friends social media were flooding in- I’m sorry I didn’t do enough- you could always talk to me- it’s the tv shows fault- the list goes on.
Truth is sometime even in a world full of people you don’t know who you can truly talk to. This guy was one of them.
Other comments said about how they didn’t understand how or why he would dream of doing this. But I feel I do get it.
Sometimes I’ve been in low places and my moods frequently change. I’ve been there when I wanted to talk and didn’t know where to go, I needed to get it out, to tell someone but I couldn’t find the words to speak to those closest to me. It’s easier said than done when your not in your normal mind because you just feel low.
I googled if there were text services just to too if I could find a way to let it out without speaking about it. But these are for under 25’s and I’m just over. Where do you do when you get to that place??
It’s always easy for people to say things after the things have gone to far but why can’t they just be there in the first place. When I can’t speak or somethings on my mind I come here. Albeit not as often as I should, it gives me the release to know I’ve let part of how I’m feeling out.
Anyone else face these barriers? Maybe it could help you to, there’s others worse off than me and I’m sure others also a lot better – I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who gets how someone may have felt when they committed suicide. I find it hard to see how others can’t understand what would make someone feel that low I guess.
Everyone tries to be a hero when it’s already to late. I’m thinking of that poor guy and sending my thoughts to his friend and family. Sometimes it’s the end before your time. Some aren’t afraid of dying because they already know they will be the ones responsible.
Thanks for reading
T x

Always her never me.

Hi all

Been a while…my post today will be a short sweet rant about the joys of step children. It’s always hard having a kid around that’s not yours, especially when you can’t have children naturally.

Mine just seems to know how to wind me up and sometimes it really grates on me. People will probably think I should be grateful for her having her in my life, sometimes that’s the case others, she makes me not even want to try for anymore children.

When it’s me and her it’s fine and we get along, as soon as daddy’s back she doesn’t want to know me and I’m the big bad bitch! I’m sure She purposely ignores me, doesn’t do what I ask and just glared sometimes.

So today I was talking about what was in my bag and trying to organise it, for no reason she wants to come up and see what’s in there…have I no privacy??

I’m sure your thinking I’m overreacting it just seems to be the same routine every week, starts off good ends in strops.

I’m tired of this. I’m keeping it brief tonight I just needed to get this out my system

Thank you for reading

T x


You can call your brothers

You can call your whore

You’re the mug banging on my door

You can scream and shout

You can let it all out

But I won’t let you in

I won’t let you win.

So leave me now

Like you left before

We know that’s all your good for

So we will call it day

As it turns in to night

This time my friend, you’ll remember as the battle you didn’t fight…

The Fear C.L.Taylor

Morning everyone!
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a fan of C.L.Taylor – Ive read all of her books and pre ordered the new release for next year! When you get a writer with a style like Callys it makes you know you’ll enjoy what’s coming next.
The fear again, did not disappoint. When Lou was younger she ran away with her teacher to her happy ever after- when that didn’t happen and she escaped she vowed to make sure no one else has to experience what Mike did to her.

When Lou finds out mike might be up to his old tricks again, she can’t stand by to see another young girl – Chloe – get hurt or worse. Lou takes things into her own hands and then realised she has left a few holes in her story and what she’s been doing.
Lou has good intents with what she does to Mike but she hadn’t through about what she was going to do once he was in a compromising position. With no one listening to lous fears about Chloe, she wonders if she is doing the right thing at all.
Lou seeks an unlikely ally who, along with Chloe, could help bring down mike once and for all.
Where is mike?
What has Lou done to him?
What helps her ?
Is or was Chloe ever in any real danger?
I highly recommend this book and didn’t want to give to much away about the ending for you.
If anyone else has ready the C.L. Taylor books would be interested to hear your thoughts?
Thanks for reading
T x

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

Hi all,
My second review of the day is on the lying game. Again I read this some months back so I have tried to give it a quick scan to relay this accurately for you.
The lying game starts based on friendships from the past. Kate, Fatima, Thea and Isa have a secret. Isa is the character who is recalling the tale. The book is wrote from her point of view I believe. She and her friends haven’t seen each other in many years and all of there lives have moved on.

The story starts with us knowing the girls have a secret but we don’t know what that secret is. Even when you think you know there’s a chance you don’t! The girls come back together to discuss what happened all those years ago when Kate’s dad tragically committed suicide.
They reminisce about the summers they used to spend at the mill together and talk about how things went so wrong. What the girls don’t realise is that Kate has a secret of her own, and this is what prompted her to call them all back to where they lived all them years ago.
The end is good and you don’t see it coming until you get to a certain point and you think you can’t come back from that! Highly recommended.
Sorry to be so cryptic but I don’t want to give the story away. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to put the pieces of crimes together.
Thanks for reading
T x

In a Cottage in a Wood by Cass Green

Hi all
My first review of the day is on in a cottage in a wood by Cass green. I read this first about 6 months ago but still remember how this book made me feel.
This is a gripping unusual story that keeps you guessing who is who and what is there relevance.
The book starts tragically but this paved the way for the story to come. Neve is minding her own on the Waterloo bridge when a lady approaches and hands her a envelope after a brief exchange she calls someone and jumps off the bridge.
Neve ends up going up Isabelle’s cottage in the woods – that Isabelle left to her. Petty shin cottage.. The cottage is not what neve expected, there are bars on the windows and the whole place has a deserted feel to it. There are several locks on the cottage, which rings alarm bells to Neve.
However, never has nothing else that’s pressing her to get home so she stays there for a while and meets the neighbours. Everyone has a view on Isabelle and some are willing to share their stories, others are not. Neve, Begins to get freaked out with things happening around the cottage and thinks this must be why Isabelle left.
Neve meets the locals and they are mostly warming, and start to fill in a few blanks for her. Without giving too much away there are parts in this book where you think you’ve worked it out- then realise you may not have at all!
Great suspense builder and a creepy psychological thriller built on the secrets that destroy.
Thanks for reading
T x

99 Red Balloons by Elisabeth Carpenter

Hi all,
I seem to be on a roll today! 4th short review of the day! Some of these books I have read in the past so it’s hard to remember the detail around what happened and how. But not with this book- I remember it clear as day- which is usually a good sign!
When grace goes missing on her way home from school her family goes into turmoil. Grace has always been able to walk home from school but has never been late before.
The longer that grace is missing the more the family seems to fall apart. It becomes clear there is a secret between Emma’s husband and her sister but does this have anything to Do with the disappearance of Grace?
To add to the suspicions around the Aunty and the husband, Emma’s mother is also acting strange. In the readers head we believe that this is because Emma was adopted when she was younger, although she has no recollection of this. This story has so much more than meets the eye.
Who has taken grace?
Will she be returned alive?
Which one of the family is responsible for this kind of upset.
Highly recommended book and a brilliant gripping story!
Thanks for reading and again is you have come across this book before – let me know your thoughts
T x